After switching over to Virtual Printer 2, the stock item label started printing incorrectly with one or several of the below issues:

  • Rotated at 90 degrees
  • With a wrong orientation (Portrait or Landscape)
  • Shrunk in resolution/size

If the stock item label appears with a fuzzy/unscannable barcode, please also review this article.


There are a few things that you would need to review and potentially reconfigure to ensure that the label will print correctly. 

1) Open the Stock Item Label template in Linnworks Template Designer.

  1. Check the Page Size. Ensure that the Linnworks page size of the template would correspond to the physical size of the labels in the label roll you are using.
  2. If you are using Multipage option, click on the button and ensure that the label size is specified correctly there too.
  3. Template orientation should be set correctly: Landscape if the label width is longer than the height (or when labels are cut/split on the shorter edge/side) and Portrait if the width is shorter than the height.

2) Go to your computer's Printers & scanners folder > Click your label printer > Manage > Printing Preferences

  1. Check that the label orientation would be correct (in most cases should be Landscape)
  2. Click on Advanced button and check the label size and additional settings. If the label size is not visible there directly and only a 'template' name is displayed, please do the following:
    • In Printers & scanners folder open the 'Print server properties' under Related settings section.
    • Locate the template name in the Forms tab and click on it
    • Ensue that the specified label size is accurate and corresponds with the physical size of your label (click Change Form Settings if the values are incorrect and amend them)

3) Go to your computer's Printers & scanners folder > Click your label printer > Manage > Printer Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults

Repeat the steps from Point 2 ensuring correct label size and label orientation is set. If the Printing Defaults appear greyed out, make sure to click 'Change Properties' under the General tab first. 

For further issues please contact Linnworks Technical Support.

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