I want to import images in bulk into Linnworks for my stock items.

Solution 1

If you have images stored on your PC you can use the Drag & Drop import in the My Inventory screen.

To import a file you need to:

  1. Prepare a CSV file with the list of SKUs and file path of the images you need to import.
  2. Prepare a folder with images.
  3. Add the file in the same folder and drag & drop them into the My Inventory screen.
  4. Select import type: Images.
  5. Map columns in the new import screen.
  6. Click Import.

For a more detailed guide and video, please check this documentation.

Solution 2

Create a CSV file with URLs and use an Inventory import to add them to the images.

If you need to import the images from a private FTP/SFTP server, Dropbox, or Google Drive, follow the steps provided here to get shareable links for the import.

For a workaround for easily creating a file containing several URLs for the images when importing from Dropbox, please check this solution article.