The My Inventory screen allows you to either filter the screen for a certain occasion using quick filters or by creating custom View tabs, which act as permanent filtered and sorted displays.

NB! My Inventory views are user-specific and cannot be shared with or seen by other users with access to the same Linnworks account.

1. Using quick filters

All columns in My Inventory screen have the quick filter option. Clicking on the filter icon will open a pop-up where you can assign any filters needed. 

When any filters are applied to a column, the filter icon will display as green.

NB! When multiple filters are used they work as an "AND" type scenario whereas when the same filters are used they work as an "OR" type scenario. For greater-less combinations such as Level or Available, filters are used as an "AND" type scenario. Please see here for special cases.

2. Creating custom views

Each user can create separate customized view tabs where they can save filters and sorting that are commonly used.

New views can be created by clicking on the + icon on the tabs line.

For full details and steps on creating and editing views, please see this documentation page and be sure to take note of the filtering special cases as well.