The Linnworks Purchase Orders function has a few different ways for delivering a PO depending on the workflow and/or item types you are using.

For full details on Purchase Orders in general, please see this documentation page.

For a detailed overview of all PO delivery methods, please see the respective guide here.

Below you will find a short overview of the different methods and their specifics:

The Purchase Orders screen:

  1. The Deliver Item button - to deliver items individually and mark the PO status as Partial.

  2. The Deliver All button - to deliver all items in one go and mark the PO status as Delivered.

    NB! Deliver All button cannot be used to deliver batched items. For batched items, please see instructions here.

  3. The To Delivered button - marks the PO status as Delivered, but does not deliver the stock. This should be used e.g. in cases where you did not receive the requested items and need to change the PO status only.

The Stock In screen in

Use the Stock In screen to book in new inventory as it arrives. When booking the stock in, select the mark items as delivered in selected purchase orders checkbox to deliver quantity from the corresponding purchase orders. Please see more details on how to work with the Stock In module here.

NB! You cannot book stock for a batched item from the Stock In screen if there are other undelivered items in a PO.

The Stock In screen in Linnworks Mobile

Mobile Stock In allows you to book stock in and mark it as delivered for a specific PO from a mobile scanner. Please see more details on how to work with mobile Stock In here.