General Product Details like SKU, item dimensions, weight or barcode can normally be set up to be added to listing template attributes/specifications directly from the Product Details General or Postage Definition tabs.

However, in some cases, you may want to use different values than you have saved on your items in My Inventory directly. This can be achieved by adding respective Extended Properties to your items and simply mapping these values on the configurator instead of the Product values.


a) I want to add the item weight added in my Product Details > Postage Definition tab to my eBay listing.

In the Configurator > Specifications tab I need to map the Weight attribute to the respective Extended Property that starts with Product. which is how to recognize the general values added to your items. In this example, I would use Product.Weight.

b) I have a different weight for items specifically listed on eBay than my items have added in Product Details > Postage Definition.

1. I add an Extended Property to my items which would contain the weight value I need to be displayed on eBay:

2. In the Configurator > Specifications tab I map the Weight attribute to the newly added Extended Property I want to use instead of the Postage Definition value:


1. eBay Shipping Weight Rules

This method of replacing the Postage Definition value cannot be used for e.g. eBay configurator Shipping Weight Rules (full details here). For the Extended Rules, the weight will always be taken from the item in your My Inventory i.e. from the Postage Definition tab. For the listing itself as an attribute/specification, you can use the above examples.

2. eBay Product Identifiers

By default, eBay configurators will take the Product Identifier value from the My Inventory General tab Barcode field. To set it up to use a different value or different values for different marketplaces, please check this solution article.

3. Amazon Product Identifiers

Amazon configurator handles Product Identifiers by using two separate attributes. These can both be set up to take a value from the general Barcode, from Extended Properties, from a Default value on the configurator or a combination of the three. Please see this solution article for the different methods that can be used in this case.

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