For most channel integrations, the Channel Mapping screen displays the items listed on the channel, which can then be linked to Linnworks inventory items for stock level updates. Full details on using this screen are available here.

There are, however, specifics on which items can be displayed on this screen. In some cases, it depends on the channel specifics as well. To make sure the types of items you are expecting to be displayed are available for this channel integration, please be sure to check the Rules & Guidelines and/or Inventory mapping pages of the respective channel from this list.

Below are some general rules to keep in mind and check whether you are missing any SKUs in your channel mapping screen:

1. Was the item listed on the channel directly just now/recently?

The sync between the Channel Mapping screen and a channel backend is not instantaneous. Normally the screen is updated with new information automatically once every 12 hours. If you have just recently added new listings/items to your channel, then you can force an update to the screen. 

NB! Please note that this can be manually forced limited times per day to avoid any issues with your other syncs like inventory updates etc since the listings download needs to check each and every item on the channel and will take a long time during which other syncs may be forced on hold.

To force the download go to Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit channel details > Listings > Download listings.

2. Does the item have a SKU assigned on the channel backend? 

Most channel integrations require the items to have a unique SKU assigned for them to be displayed on Channel Mapping screen. On e.g. eBay, this is also called a Custom Label. Please also make sure that all the SKUs are unique, and that all variation children have their own SKU assigned as well as a Parent SKU that does not match with the child SKUs.

3. Is the SKU you are expecting to see a Variation Parent SKU? 

The Channel Mapping screen will not display Variation Parent SKUs since they are not considered physical items and should not be linked to nor receive any stock updates alone. Variation Child SKUs are the ones that should be linked to My Inventory items for updates.

4. Does the item have a stock level assigned on the channel backend?

For some channels (e.g. Magento 2, Sears), the API used to update Channel Mapping will not tell Linnworks about items that do not have a stock level assigned on the channel backend. The only way to correct this is to add a stock level to the item on the channel directly and refresh the channel mapping screen (See point 1.). After the item is linked to a Linnworks SKU, the Linnworks stock levels will be sent to the SKU to update and overwrite it whether needed.

5. Is the item a virtual/digital item?

Some channels (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Magento 2) allow creating digital and virtual items. These would not show up in the Channel Mapping screen, because the system assumes these do not require a stock level since they are not physical items.

Channel-specific troubleshooting steps: