When SKUs on Shopify are linked to Linnworks SKUs in the Channel Mapping screen, then the connection does not only depend on the SKU name itself. The system also stores the Product ID/Channel reference ID that is created for the listing on Shopify directly.

When you delete a listing on Shopify directly and relist it, the SKU receives a new Product ID. This updated information is sent to Linnworks once every 12 hours when the Channel Mapping screen data is redownloaded.

If there is a stock update made to the stock level of the respective SKU before the new Product ID is sent in, then Linnworks Inventory sync will try to update the old/non-existing Product ID.

Since that Product ID is not present on Shopify anymore, it will result in the following error in Linnworks under Settings -> Automation logs -> Shopify inventory sync -> View log:

404 Not Found: The requested resource could not be found but could be available again in the future.

When Linnworks encounters this error continuously during inventory sync, it will automatically set the SKU to Ignore Sync to make sure it does not interrupt with the rest of the system processes.

Ignore Sync setting will need to be manually removed to let the system send updates to the SKU once the issue has been resolved.

In order to avoid this issue, please follow these steps when you need to create new listings on Shopify for any of your SKUs that are already linked to Linnworks SKUs in Channel Mapping screen:

  1. Unlink the needed SKUs either manually in Channel Mapping screen or in bulk via Delete Stock Item Linking import. The details are available here
  2. Make the necessary changes on Shopify.
  3. Go to Settings -> Channel Integration -> Edit channel Details -> Listings -> Download Listings.
  4. Once the Listing Download finishes, re-link the necessary SKUs using your preferred option from our documentation.