To delete the default price/description/title by channel:


  1. Go to Inventory > My Inventory > click on the item > Listing descriptions tab. 
  2. Select the Default price/title/description
  3. Click the Delete button.        

In bulk

There is currently no built-in option in to delete the default entries in Listing Descriptions in bulk.

However, until an option is added, the following workaround can be used:

  1. Create a CSV file with the relevant SKUs the default values need to be deleted from.

  2. Create an import using the import type Delete and the sub-type that matches the type of Default values you need to delete:
    • Delete Description by Channel
    • Delete Price by Channel
    • Delete Title by Channel

  3.  After selecting the file, add two Default Values using the respective button in the import configuration screen.

  4. Map the added Default Value 1 and Default Value 2 to Source and SubSource.

  5. To the value columns, enter double-quotes separated by space like so: " " 
    NB! The space is required between the double quotes, or the method will not work.

  6. Run the import and the default values should now be removed from the Listing Descriptions tab.