On eBay it is possible to schedule listings to start at a specific time, how do I do this in Linnworks?


It is possible to schedule an eBay listing to start at a specific time through the addition of two extra steps to the normal process of creating a configurator and template. This guide will assume you are already familiar with the process of creating configurators and listing to an eBay integration via My Inventory.

  1. Create a new configurator for the listing
    • In the Main settings, scroll to the Listings section and tick: Scheduling Listings
    • This will add an extra field to eBay templates called Start Time
  2. Go to My Inventory and list a product using the new configurator
  3. In the eBay Templates page, double click the  icon and enter the start date and time in the format: DD MMM YYYY HH:MM
    • Alternatively, click the  icon which will appear in the Start Time column, this will open the date picker
  4. Once you have finished editing the template, click Create
  5. Once the start time has been reached, Linnworks will attempt to list the item. The Status column will update to show the progress, such as Listed or Not listed (due to an error)


Listings will be scheduled to start on eBay at the specified date and time