When adding new or revising existing Walmart listings, an error or a warning message can be returned by Walmart. Unlike the warning message, an error will prevent your listing from being created or revised.

Linnworks has no control over these error messages and simply displays the errors that Walmart send us. Most of such errors are self-explanatory. 

Here are some error examples and their solutions:

(To make search easier, you can use CTRL-F to search for the error code)

Error Message: Business - Brand Management 

Please try to re-list the items with this error message. 

Error Message: TBR318; DATA_ERROR; ERR_PDI_0047; ID Type=UPC, ID Value=8711808305656, invalid product ID length: 13 

The product ID length should be 12. Please go back to these SKUs to make sure that the Product IDs are correct.

Error Message: Reasonable Price Not Satisfied 

This error is coming from Walmart directly. Walmart has evaluated that this item is overpriced. You will need to contact Walmart to see how they evaluate pricing for individual products. 

Error Message: The template did not get processed in 2 days. Please revise and resubmit. 

Please attempt to re-list this item. 

Error Message: Unknown error from Walmart

Please try to re-list items with this error. 

Error Message: SKU123; DATA_ERROR; ERR_EXT_DATA_0101201; The Product ID is already set up with the SKU SKU123. If you want to change the SKU, please send us a SKU Override. For more information, search 'updating the SKU of an item' in the Knowledge Base. 

Here is the article from Walmart detailing how to update the SKU of an item. The UPC on the SKUs may also be incorrect. Please check the UPCs to confirm that they are listed correctly.

Error Message: The 'http://walmart.com/:brand' element is invalid - The value '' is invalid according to its datatype 'String' - The actual length is less than the MinLength value. 

The brand item extended property may be missing on the SKUs with this error. Please check to confirm that this is listed correctly. 

Error Message: SKU123; DATA_ERROR; ERR_EXT_DATA_0101176; We encountered an IO Exception when we attempted to access the image's URL. Please fix the issue and then try again.; ERR_EXT_DATA_0101149; The Image URL is invalid. Please update the Image URL and then try again. Search 'Image Guidelines' in the Knowledge Base to learn more. 

This is an error message directly from Walmart saying that the image is invalid - may be the format, size, the link provided to the image, etc. which goes against Walmart's image guidelines. Please ensure that your images follow the guidelines provided by Walmart. Here is a link to their Knowledge Based article detailing Item Image Guidelines. Once checked that everything looks correct in terms of formatting, try to re-list the items with this error. 

Error Message: SKU123; DATA_ERROR; ERR_EXT_DATA_0801001; powerType is required when isPowered = Yes. 

The power type is missing in the additional attributes. 

Error Message: SKU123; TIMEOUT_ERROR 

Please try to re-list this item again.