Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Shopify.

Please see the Shopify Configurators documentation for full details on all available options and guidance.

Below is a list of the default attributes available on Shopify configurators:




Fulfillment service
A Fulfillment Service is a third party warehouse that prepares and ships orders on behalf of the store owner.
Valid values are:
  • Manual
 Inventory management

Specifies whether Shopify tracks the number of items in stock for this product variant.

The fulfillment service that tracks the number of items in stock for the product variant. If you track the inventory yourself using the admin, then set the value to "shopify". Valid values: shopify or the handle of a fulfillment service that has inventory management enabled. Must be the same fulfillment service referenced by the fulfillment_service property.

Inventory policy

Inventory Policy tells Shopify how to handle orders when inventory levels for a product or variant have reached zero.
Valid values are:
  • deny: will stop selling when inventory reaches 0
  • continue: will allow sales to continue into negative inventory levels.
Published scope
Indicates whether the product is published to the Point of Sale channel.
Valid values are:
  • web: The product is not published to Point of Sale.
  • global: The product is published to Point of Sale.

Barcode value as set on the Shopify product.


Compare at price

Competitor's price for the same item.
 Cost per item

The unit cost of the inventory item.

Country/Region of origin

The two-digit code for the country where the inventory item was made.



The weight of the product in grams.


A unique human-friendly string for the product. Automatically generated from the product's title. Used by the Liquid templating language to refer to objects.
HS (Harmonized System) code
The Harmonized System (HS) code for the inventory item.

Product type

The categorization that a product can be tagged with, commonly used for filtering and searching.

Requires shipping

Specifies whether a customer needs to provide a shipping address when placing an order for this product variant.
The categorization that a product can be tagged with. Commonly used for filtering and searching. (maximum: 255 characters for each tag).


Specifies whether a tax is charged when the product variant is sold.
 Tax codeSpecifies the Avalara tax code for the product variant.
Applies only to the stores that have the Avalara AvaTax app installed on Shopify

Template suffix

A suffix of the Liquid template being used. By default, the original template is called product.liquid, without any suffix. Any additional templates will be product.suffix.liquid.


Name of the vendor of the product.


Weight of the product variant in the unit system specified with weight_unit.

Weight unit

A unit that the products’ weight is measured in.
Valid values are:
  • g
  • kg
  • oz
  • lb