The order was processed but Stock Item History does not show it.

Possible reasons

1. The order was processed from another Location.

When an order is processed, the stock level will be taken from the location that is selected here:

When checking Stock Item History report, please make sure that you are selecting the right location:

There are cases when orders were mistakenly placed and processed from wrong locations, to avoid these situations please check how to work with Order Locations.

2. The stock level was 0 at the time when an order was processed.

Let's assume that we received an order for the item that has 0 stock:

If we process this order there will be no record in Stock Item History because by system design Linnworks cannot display negative stock. Once it reaches 0 it will not go below 0. Now that the order is processed for this SKU it will appear like in the image below and will not leave any record in Stock Item History report.

There are certain settings that will allow avoiding such situation and will not let to process orders that have out-of-stock items. Please check this article for more information: Processing Orders – best practices to avoid mistakes

3. Another possible explanation for this is that at the moment when the order was processed the item was set to Not Tracked. In this case, there will be no record in the Stock Item History and the stock level will not change.

Make sure that all your items are set to Tracked (except for composite parents SKUs).

Composite Items

For composite items, the stock level changes are only recorded for the child items that comprise the parent. As the parent item is not tracked on itself and is combining the stock levels of all child items that are within it, there are no records for stock level changes when a composite item is sold, or when the stock level of a child item is adjusted.

Stock Item History would only record changes to a composite parent item when the level is adjusted manually, either via the Inventory Control screen or by a stock level import.

While it is not possible to track the stock changes of the composite parent item, you are still able to track the sales that are made for a composition. You can do this by going to Dashboards - Query Data and run the 'Composite Parent Sales History' report.