Stock Movement report derives from Inventory History cube data and is designed to show stock movements over a period in time. 

By default is displays SKUs on the vertical axis and a calendar Month on the horizontal axis. 

Last Stock Level - Closing stock level for  displayed date member

Last Stock Value - Closing stock value for  displayed date member

Total Shipped - total quantity of SKUs shipped during the displayed date member

Opening Stock Level - Opening stock level for the displayed date member

Opening Stock Value  - Opening stock value for the displayed date member

Adjustment Quantity - Stock Count Found Quantity + Stock Count Lost Quantity + Direct Stock Adjustments for the displayed date member

Fully Delivered - fully delivered from a PO in the displayed date member (not PO date)

Partially Delivered - partially delivered from POs in the displayed date member

Inventory History cube has a whole bunch more measures that can be useful for stock movement. Click Modify and have a look at the Measures available.

*  displayed date member - the month, day or a year which you are currently looking at in the report. By default it will be month. 

** Don't forget to select an entire time period, patchy date selection has its uses but unless you know exactly what you are trying to achieve by selecting only specific dates within a time frame, it will lead to a strange results. 

*** You have to select all dates to be included. Date Selection is not From and To, i.e. you can't select 1st April and 15st April, only you have to select all dates in between as well. Otherwise it will report Opening and Closing stock level correctly by any stock adjustments and total shipped will be only for 1st and 15th of April and will not include anything shipped inbetween.