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Sometimes we need to create a report and view the data across multiple hierarchies or attributes on a single axis. We can add multiple attributes of a hierarchy on an axis. This is very useful if you don't have needed attributes on a hierarchy or you wish to auto-expand every member of the hierarchy. 

  • Create a new report.
  • Expand a dimension (to clarify: for example, Order Date is a dimension, Calendar Year is a hierarchy, and Year under the Calendar Year is an attribute of an Order Date dimension) you want to add.
  • Then choose a hierarchy you want to add. 
  • Drag the hierarchy onto Rows or Columns.
  • Choose another hierarchy and drag onto the same axis (rows or columns), just below the first one.
  • This will add two hierarchies onto the axis. These can be from the same dimension or from different ones. 
  • Try doing the same thing with the attribute; this will auto-expand all members of the attribute and match all the members of other attributes on the same axis.