The Max Listed setting is available for most Channel Integrations that have the inventory updates feature available. The setting specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel even if the actual stock level exceeds the specified quantity.


Product A in Linnworks that has 90 items in stock. By default, Linnworks will send 90 items to the listing and will be updating it as the amount decreases or increases. 

Following chart shows changing stock level (in blue) of Product A and the available listed quantity on the channel (in red) if Max listed is set to 30:

1. Actual stock in Linnworks is 80, on the listing, it is 30.

2. If the stock level goes below 30 it will send its real stock. The actual stock level is 21 and the same amount is sent to the channel.

3. Stock in the system increased again. It is 31 in Linnworks, 30 is sent to the channel.

Max Listed quantity can only be set for linked listings and it is set per each product in the inventory.

Main benefit:

Some channels (like eBay) have seller limits, Max listed functionality will allow showing different number of the items you actually sell. This can be useful if you have a large number of items in stock.

Ways to configure:

There are several ways how you can configure Max listed quantity:

1. For all items listed on the channel:

Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel  > Inventory > Max listed

2. It can be different for all items:

Settings > Channel Integration > Mapping Screen

This can be edited in the column manually for each SKU or in bulk via import – Stock Item Linking Import.

Please note! Individual Max listed setting in mapping screen will have a priority over the default setting in edit channel screen.

3. Configurator (eBay only)

eBay configurator allows entering a Default max quantity box to specify maximum available quantity for each item that will be listed via this specific configurator. Default max quantity in the configurator is equivalent to individual Max Listed setting in the mapping screen at the moment when listing is created. 

Main Settings > Listing Settings: