If you notice that your inventory is not syncing please follow the below guide to identify the issue:

1. Inventory Sync is ON

Settings > Channel Integration > Inventory Sync must be enabled for sync to run.

eBay requires additional settings to be enabled for the sync:

            - Revise listings. Only if this option is on, Linnworks will be updating available quantity on eBay inline with your current available stock levels.

            - End listings. Specifies whether you want Linnworks to end listings when you have 0 available stock. If this option is disabled Linnworks will not send 0 to the listing and it will remain open.

2. Location Mapping


Stock levels are updated from Linnworks locations.
If you noticed that stock levels on the channel are different from what you have please check that in Location Mapping required location(s) are selected.

NB! If all locations are disabled then Linnworks will send the combined stock levels from all of your locations, except for multi-location channels like Shopify or Jet.

3. Logs

The Automation Logs provide a history of the tasks that have been executed on your system during a given time period.  During synchronization errors can come up, they will be seen in the automation logs. Some error types may prevent the system from syncing. Please check this article to learn more about it:  Errors during inventory sync.

For eBay listing you can check the Dashboards > Query Data > Query type: eBay listings logs to see last updates for any specific eBay Item ID and whether there have been any errors produced during the inventory sync.

4. Ignore Sync

When this box is ticked, Linnworks will ignore the listing when synchronizing inventory. Linnworks will not send a revised stock level to the listing if the available quantity in Linnworks changes for its linked stock item. 

Please note! It is correct to have Ignore ON for Amazon FBA listings

1. FBA listing

2. Ignore sync is ON so Linnworks will not send any updates for this SKU.

5. Strike off (eBay)

When linking listings on eBay to Linnworks inventory items, there are occasions where you want to break the connection permanently. In these cases, the term used in Linnworks is to 'Strike it off'.

When a listing on eBay has been struck off, Linnworks will not attempt to pass information to the listing or update it. eBay Stricken off listings and variations report will show you a list of all affected listings.

6. What is the Available Stock Level

Available stock level is calculated as the total stock minus stock reserved for open orders. It can be different to the column Level.  Available Level is the value that is used when updating stock level on a sales channel.

7. A stock level must be changed in Linnworks, not on the channel.

Inventory update logic is so that Linnworks always send stock levels from Linnworks SKU > Channel Listing and not vice versa. If you will change the stock level on the channel directly this will not be updated in the system.

If you have checked all of the above points and none of them helped you to resolve the issue, please contact our Technical Support and provide them with the example of the problematic SKU, Channel, and SubSource. Additional details of your research would be appreciated.