Fixed price listings can be fixed-duration (3, 5, 7,10 and 30-days) or Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC).

3, 5, 7, 10 and 30-days duration listings:

  • Listings end in whole-day increments from the listing's start time. For example, if you submit your listing at 1:14 pm on Sunday and select a listing duration of 3 days, your listing will end at exactly 1:14 pm on Wednesday.  
  • Fixed duration listings will get closed when the items run out of stock and/or the duration time has passed. 
  • Linnworks will be able to relist a closed listing, even if it was closed on eBay, once stock of the item is >0.
  • If the listing remains closed due to 0 stock longer than 60 days, eBay will not allow relisting it.
  • Once a listing is relisted, only the eBay Listing ID changes, the listing itself remains the same. That is why Linnworks has the ability to relist even the listings that do not have templates in the system.
  • When a listing is getting relisted it will lose its sales history, the ranking will remain.

GTC listings:

  • GTC is created for a duration of 30 days and at the end of the 30 day period, your listing will automatically get renewed and list again. This continues to happen after every 30 day period until the seller cancels the listing.  
  • If a listing remains out of stock longer than 90 days, eBay will not allow relisting it.
  • Because a listing is relisted automatically, it does not lose its sales history. This helps the listing to appear higher on the results pages.

Listings can be ended if:

  • Duration time has finished (fixed-duration listings)
  • Stock levels became 0 
  • Listing is closed manually on the channel

If your listing has ended and you would like to relist your item, it is possible to do so on eBay directly as described here.  Alternatively, Linnworks can do this for you automatically. For this, you would need to enable the Relist option: 

Settings > Channel Integration > Edit channel details > Inventory Sync

This enables to relist listings if they are ended on eBay and you still have stock. Everything with stock > 0 will be relisted.


For GTC listings there is one more option available - Out-of-Stock. When enabled, if the available quantity is 0, listings go out-of-stock instead of being ended. Main advantage of this option is that the sales history is retained while the item is out-of-stock.

Works with the Out-of-Stock feature on your eBay account, which needs to be enabled on your eBay account directly in order to be applied via Linnworks as well. 

Relist and Out-of-Stock options can be enabled at the same time. In this case, GTC listings will be going Out-of-Stock once stock levels become 0 and other listings will be closed. Once the stock is back - fixed duration listings will be relisted and GTC will simply become available again.

If an item is always in stock, it is best to set the listing duration to GTC and use Out-of-Stock to avoid loss of sales history due to relist.