The term “composite items“ in Linnworks refers to a virtual stock item which groups other stock items together into a set or a kit:

The composite parent item is a virtual SKU used to group items, and composite child items are actual SKUs which represent physical items in your warehouse. A simple example: a suit is a composite parent item which consists of a jacket and trousers, which are the composite child items.

Because the stock level of the composite parent item depends on the available level of child items, in Linnworks the parent SKU is set to not tracked, while the child SKUs remain tracked. Since the set up of a composite item is slightly different from 'normal' SKUs, the process of working with composites will differ too.

Composites Item in Orders:

When an order is placed, only child items have their available stock levels reserved because the parent itself is not tracked - however, it will also affect the actual stock level (and thus the available level) of the composite parent, because its stock level is calculated based on the available level of its child items:

Please note that for this same reason only child items will have their stock level changes recorded in the Stock Item History, when the order is processed.

Composite Items in Purchase Orders:

It is not possible to add a composite parent item to a purchase order because it is actually a virtual item. If you try to do so, the following pop-up message will appear:

Once you select the required amount and click Accept, the corresponding amount of child items will be added to the purchase order

Just like with Open Orders, only child SKUs will have their stock displayed in the due column:

Composite Items in Warehouse Transfers:

It is not possible to move a composite parent with warehouse transfer, only stock levels for child SKUs can be moved from one location to another. If you try to search for a composite parent in warehouse transfer you will not get any results, and you will need to add child items separately. Once the transfer is complete, the system will correctly recalculate the levels of composite parents in all affected locations.