I am a registered brand on Amazon and therefore do not need to provide an EAN when creating new listing, instead I only need to provide an MPN. How can I do this?


In certain categories on Amazon, you can apply for an exemption through Amazon’s Brand Registry. Amazon will assign your products a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID), which can be used in place of a UPC. You can apply for the Brand Registry here (Seller Central login required).

For more details in Amazon's UPC Policy please read this article from WebRetailer

In Linnworks you need to set up properties in your configurator to work with the attributes for Manufacture and Mfr Part Number. The steps to achieve this using are as follows.

  • Go to Settings > Configurators > Amazon
  • Click on the button in the Attributes column for required configurator
  • Find the attribute Manufacture and choose to use either a Default Value or Extended Property
  • Set a Default Value if all of your products listed through this configurator are from the same Manufacturer / Brand
    • For Variation configurators, also tick the Is Variation box

  • If you require different values, then you can map to an Extended Property saved on the Inventory. In this case Linnworks will pull the value from the Inventory item when listing
    • For Variation configurators, also tick the Is Variation box

  • Find the Attribute Mfr Part Number. In this case do not use use a Default Value, but instead map either to your Linnworks SKU code or an Extended Property using one of the options below
  • Select Product.SKU from the dropdown list to use your Linnworks SKU code as your MPN 

  • Select an Extended Property to use an alternative code to submit as your MPN
    • For Variation configurators, also tick the Is Variation box