I list to multiple selling platforms which have different requirements for the product identifiers, however when listing from Linnworks I can only work with the one barcode field. The result of this is that I can not list to all of my selling platforms through Linnworks this way.


In the Main Settings of an eBay Configurator on Linnworks you can specify an extended property to be used as the product identifier to suit your requirements. This barcode can be either a UPC, EAN, ISBN, GTIN etc.. If the SKU has a barcode in the standard barcode field and an extended property is also specified, the barcode in the extended property field will be used when creating the listing.

Note: This barcode extended property is set at configurator level, therefore a different extended property can also be set on a separate configurator ie: UPC on EBAY1 and EAN on EBAY2.

See our eBay configurator guide depicting where this is set.