I want to understand how images may be manipulated when submitting them to eBay


There are two ways in which Linnworks will submit images to eBay, which depend on how they were specified in Linnworks.

  •  As URLs in extended properties: The URLs will be passed directly to eBay
  •  Uploaded as images to Linnworks: If the images exceeded 1800x1800px, they will be resized, as this is the maximum permissible size on our server. The resized images will be submitted to eBay

eBay will store a copy of the image for use in your listings. Please be aware of eBay's picture standards, which currently state that images must be at least 500px on the longest side.

Note: For eBay listings where the images are self-hosted the URL needs to be HTTPS and hosting meet ATS standards to be visible on Apple devices. More on this can be found here.


In most cases images will be passed without alteration, however, images uploaded to Linnworks larger than 1800x1800px will be resized.