I want to make sure my listings are in the most appropriate categories. How can I do this?


This can be done by using eBay Suggested Categories. This is where Linnworks submits your proposed listing title to eBay and a list of categories that may be suitable is returned. You can then choose one or more categories to add to the listing template.

In order to use suggested categories, the option needs to be set on the configurator you are listing with. To do this, please do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings > eBay Configurators
  • On the appropriate configurator, click the Main button, which will display the SubSource it is currently set up for

  • In the listing section, tick Use Suggested by eBay Categories

Begin the listing process by right clicking the appropriate SubSource column in My Inventory and selecting; Create Listing on EBAY and then the appropriate configurator

  • In the template screen, you will see that the button under category displays ?

  • Clicking the button in the categories column will open the categories window 
    • This will prompt Linnworks to send the listing title to eBay and a list of categories will be returned

    • If eBay does not have any suggested categories, an error will be displayed 

  • Select appropriate categories by clicking the "+" button 
  • Complete the other sections of the template and list as-normal