Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay. 

Full details on eBay configurator settings that also determine some image settings are available here.

1. In order for an image to be sent to a listing, it has to be selected i.e. the tick box under the image needs to be ticked.

2. By default, only the Main image on an item is automatically ticked/selected to be sent to eBay. If you need all of the images to be automatically selected, please enable the respective setting in eBay Configurator Main settings:

3. For Variation listings, you can assign whether you need to use only main item images or all images in the configurator:

This can later be changed on the Listing Template for a specific listing whether needed:

4. If you set the configurator and listing up to use all images, then you will be able to choose which variant you want the images to be associated with on the Listing Template:

5. When creating a template for the first time, Linnworks will add the images associated with the SKU, with the main image appearing first in the list. This list can be customised by adding new images at this point or changing whether the images have been selected.

If you wish to return to the original images that are defined on the stock item, please do the following:

  • Click the down arrow icon to the right of the Add Images from Product button and select Reload Images from Product