I want to be able to add new items to an existing eBay variation Listing


It is possible to add SKU's to existing eBay variation listings while the listing is active. To do this the SKU(s) need to first be added to the Linnworks variation group, then update the listing. To achieve this:

  1. Add new SKUs to the variation group on Linnworks either via data import or manually from the variations tab in Linnworks
  2. Search for the Variation parent SKU under the inventory tab
  3. Under the relevant channel tab right click and select Revise Instantly
    • Select any of the options in this menu, any child items added to the variation group will be added to the listing
    • If you do not wish child items to be added, please see this Solution 
    • It is also possible to click Edit EBAY listing(s) and review the template before updating the listing


The listing will now include all the variation items included in the variation group in your Linnworks inventory.