I have products that I want to prevent from being listed on one of my selling channels


Similar to preventing listings being revised, it also is possible to prevent stock items being listed to a sales channel using an extended property. For information on how to add extended properties, both singularly and in bulk, please see this guide. The extended properties need to be in the following format to prevent a listing from created on an integration based on the Source:

Property Name
Property Value
Property Type
For instance:

This can also be done by SubSource, for instance: DO_NOT_LIST_EBAY0 or DO_NOT_LIST_AMAZON_Merchant_Name. Please note that this is only possible on channels that can list through My Inventory.

This can be done for items that are part of a variation group, which would stop that variation being listed, whilst the main listing will list without errors. In the case that the extended property was added to a variation stock item after the item had been listed, regenerating the template in Linnworks will remove the variation from the listing. To regenerate the template, please do the following:

  1. Locate the variation group item in My Inventory
    • Please ensure that the view has the appropriate channel added to it
  2. Right click the listing in the column channel and select: Edit Listing(s)
  3. Select the template and click Update


Adding the appropriate extended property to a stock item will prevent it being listed to the appropriate sales channel.