I cannot see all of the applicable configurators when I right-click an inventory item in My Inventory > Create Listings.


There are three most common reasons for this happening:

  1. My Inventory screen needs a refresh/reload.
     If you have just created the configurator and then switched to the My Inventory screen from another tab that was already open, it just might need a refresh. Try closing the tab and reopening My Inventory and/or clearing your browser caches before reloading My Inventory.
  2. The configurator has the visibility setting unticked
    Check the column with the eye icon in the Configurators screen. This setting determines whether a configurator is shown in My Inventory. Make sure the column is ticked for all needed configurators.
  3. The SKU is a Variation Parent, but the configurator is for single items.
    If you are creating listings for a Variation Parent SKU, the configurator will only be applicable to the item if it has Variation Attributes added in the Variations tab. Adding Variation Attributes indicates to the system, that this configurator is also applicable to Variation Parent SKUs and not only single items.
    For full details on variation listings, check the Variations section of the respective configurator page listed here.