I have a large amount of images and thumbnails for my products already hosted online. Can I add these in bulk in Linnworks?


Up to 12 images can be added to each SKU as extended properties. For information on how to add extended properties, both singularly and in bulk, please see this guide.

The extended properties need to be in the following format:

Property NameProperty ValueProperty Type
Where <Number> is between 1 and 12, for instance; IMAGE1
URL of your imageAttribute

It is possible to add thumbnails of the images by specifying the URL of the thumbnail. Linnworks will then attempt to retrieve the fullsize image based on the URL. In order for this to be done, thumbnail images need to be prefixed with tumbnail_ (please note that this is spelt without an h). For instance:

This will then attempt to download the full size image from

It is possible to specify these on a per-channel basis by prefixing the extended property name with the name of the channel. For instance, to have images show on eBay listings, the extended property name should be EBAY_IMAGE1, EBAY_IMAGE2 etc.


For Amazon and eBay it is possible to use this method to specify images to use in variation listings, where each child stock item has one or more images associated with it. In order to do this, the process is similar to the non-variation method, with the name of the extended property modified slightly:

Property NameProperty ValueProperty Type
AMAZON_VARIATION_IMAGE1URL of your imageAttribute
EBAY_VARIATION_IMAGE1URL of your imageAttribute

AMAZON_VARIATION_IMAGE1 will be taken as the main image for the variation on Amazon. Further images can be added in the same way as non-variations by changing the number, such as; AMAZON_VARIATION_IMAGE2 etc. Depending on which category has been selected to list under, Amazon can have between 5 and 8 variation images per variation. eBay variation images can have up to 12 per variation.

Regardless of the number of variation images a listing has, both on eBay and Amazon, the main image for the listing will be taken from Channel_IMAGE1.

Note: For eBay listings where the images are self-hosted the hosting needs to be HTTPS and meet ATS standards to be visible on Apple devices. More on this can be found here.


Following the above steps will enable images to be specified from an external source, with the options of including thumbnails and limiting the images to certain channels. Furthermore, this guide covers the process of using extended properties to specify images for variations as part of a variation listing.