Configurators have been designed so that they can be as broad or narrow as they are made. This means it is possible to have a configurator that will be able to list all your products, with the right set up. All items that are listed with the same configurator must have at least the following in common:

eBay Listings:

  • Items must all be listed to the same SubSource
  • Items must all have the same Returns Policy
  • Items must all use the same HTML template

Amazon Listings

  • Items must be listed to the same SubSource
  • Items must be listed to the same Category
  • Listings must belong to the same Category SubType

The rest of the data in the Configurator such as Browse Nodes, non-mandatory Attributes, Variation Attributes' values can vary from listing to listing. It is important to use Extended Properties over Default Values for each attribute to make sure the correct attributes with the correct values are picked up for listings

Bigcommerce Listings

  • Items must all be listed to the same SubSource

Magento Listings

  • Items must all be listed to the same SubSource
  • Items must all belong to the same Magento attribute set

Whilst it is possible to have a configurator that can be used for a wide number of items, it is recommended to narrow this down to a having a configurator per category of items. The exception being Amazon where all items must belong to the same Category and Sub Type.

Using Extended Properties

When using configurators to be relevant for as many stock items as possible, it is important to use extended properties on stock items in order to make the final listing as rich with content as possible. These will often be dependent on the channels that you are listing to. Below are a few examples of useful extended properties.

Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon allows up to 5 bullet points to be added to listings to give extra information about the product. Add the following extended properties to stock items you wish to list:

Property Name Property Value Property Type
Bullet1 Product is suitable for vegetarians Attribute
Bullet2 Produced in a factory that handles nuts Attribute
Bullet3 Contains 100% of your RDA of Vitamin C Attribute
  • In the configurator, click the Attributes button

  • In the Available Attributes section, find Bullet Point and add up to 5 to the Selected Attributes by clicking the ¬†button

  • In the Selected Attributes section, map the extded properties to the name of your extended properties. In this case, Bullet1, Bullet2 and Bullet3
  • Click Save

The extended properties listed in the above table would be added to a health based product, but using the same Property Name on a different product with different Property Values would create bullet points customised to that product when listed with the same configurator.


This guide has covered the basics of using configurators using generic information so that templates can be generated with specific information based on extended properties.