Linnworks does not allow users to manually edit stock levels in Fulfilment Centres. To update stock levels in a Fulfilment Centre location, you can either use an import or Purchase Orders.

1. Automated scheduled import for Fulfilment Centres.

The Fulfilment Centre feature in Linnworks is set up to allow an automated inventory update schedule directly from your Fulfilment Center/supplier. Full details for setting up this automation can be found here.

2. Manual imports

Fulfilment Centre stock levels can also be updated via a regular Inventory Import or Stock Level import.

NB! Only the Stock Level import via Import Data will work for FCs. The Drag&Drop Stock Level import in My Inventory screen does not work for FC locations.

3. Purchase Orders

Fulfilment Centre location stock levels can also be updated by using Purchase Orders. Full details on working with Purchase Orders are available here.

NB! Purchase Orders for Fulfilment Centres can be delivered only if Inventory import setting in the FC Automation is disabled. Otherwise, it will return the following error: 

Cannot deliver items to fulfilment centre locations with the inventory import automation enabled.