Overselling occurs when a listing is active and shows more quantity than the actual available quantity in Linnworks. There can be several reasons for that:

  • SKU is not linked to the listing. In this case Linnworks will not send any info on available quantity to the channel. This way if the available level changes in Linnworks, the listing on the channel will remain unchanged. You need to make sure that the SKUs are linked to your listings in Settings > Channel Integration > Mapping.
  • Sync or Inventory sync are disabled for the channel. If either Sync or Inventory sync are disabled for the channel, Linnworks will not send the info on available quantity to the channel. In order to make it work correctly, both options need to be enabled in Channel Integration. For eBay you also need to enable the option to Revise Listings in Settings > Channel Integration > EBAY - config.
  • Issues / errors during sync. There can be various types of errors during sync which can all be divided into two categories: connection issues and errors returned by the channel. You can check these errors in Automation Logs.

In order to define which channel the last order (which causes overselling) came from, you can go to Dashboards > Query Data and select the query type Order details between dates. Here you can filter the results by OrderItemSKU, and then sort the orders by dReceivedDate. The newest order is the one that oversold - you can note the channel and check your listing there to see if it is still active and when the last quantity update for it took place.

If the issues with overselling are ongoing, please contact our Technical Support and provide them with an example SKU and order numbers which have led to overselling.