Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay.

On eBay the Custom Label field lets you create SKUs to track and manage your inventory. You can enter up to 50 characters to identify the product how you want.

To add a Custom Label on eBay:

  1.  go to My eBay > Selling Manager > Active Listings. If you don't see the Custom Label column, click "Customize" to add it.
    NB! The Selling Manager menu option is only visible if you have the Selling Manager app installed on eBay.
  2. Check the "Custom label" box and then click "Apply"
  3. In the Custom Label column, click "[Add]" to enter your SKU value

Here is also a short video guide showing how Custom Labels are added to eBay.

In order to be able to link your eBay inventory to Linnworks SKUs for stock level updates, your listings on eBay all need to have SKUs so they would appear in the Channel Mapping screen in Linnworks.

If your eBay Custom Labels match your Linnworks SKUs, then you can link them quickly using the Link All by SKU option. If the Custom Labels are different from Linnworks SKUs, you can select any other most suitable option for you from the Inventory Mapping guide.