To remove a variation item from the Amazon variation listing, first, you need to delete this variation item from the listing variation group in Linnworks and then update this edited variation group on Amazon.  

1. To delete an item from a variation group in Linnworks go to Inventory > Inventory Settings > Variations. Select a variation group you need to edit and click the edit icon on the right side in the variation row:

In the Edit Variation Group screed select the item(s) you need to remove and click the delete icon, then click Save.

Now, to remove this item from the Amazon listing after it has been deleted from a Variation group, follow these steps:

  • In My Inventory, locate the variation group the item used to belong to;
  • Right-click under the Amazon channel name > Edit AMAZON Listing(s) > click Update button in the Actions column.

For more details about working with Variation Groups please check here.