Automatically issue partial refund if only 1 quantity has been returned

Currently Linnworks issues a full refund when processing returns for 1 out of 2 items.

If a customer orders 2 of SKU A, costing £10 each, total £20. If the customer returns only 1 SKU A, when returning in Linnworks, the refund amount will default to £20, rather than £10.

So if we use the refund feature on Linnworks, this leaves room for major error as the customer will have a full refund rather than the qty they returned.

I request that Linnworks system to accurately calculate partial refunds based on the quantity of items returned.

If 1 out of 2 of SKU A is returned, then the refund value should show £10.


In this example, The QTY should make the change on the refund amount, so if a QTY of 1 is entered, it should show £27.99, and only if 2 is entered should show £55.98.

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