Is anyone able to contact Rigidas?

Good afternoon,

We have been trying to contact Rigidas since last October and we are getting no response to any of our tickets - has anyone here had any success in contacting them?  Is anyone still using them to generate picklists?

Sorry to hear of your frustration. For the little that it's worth, they were quickly responding to enquiries in May/June '22, but I haven't tried since. 

I was wondering how the transfer from Chris and friends went - it seems not successfully. I was about to subscribe to Stockwise, but will now look elsewhere. 

A bit off topic, but we are now looking for a solution that does what Stockwise claims to do, but with customer support. Any suggestions welcome.

Hi Harry,

Many thanks for your reply.  I have just spoken with Richard at Linnworks who has been incredibly helpful; we will be looking into Linnworks Mobile as a solution in this case.  For us, the functions available via Stockwise and E-Pick which we use are available on Linnworks mobile - plus it is free!

That's very helpful to know, Keith.  I'll be in touch with Richard at LW soon.

That might also explain why Stockwise's Facebook page is down and their Trello, Twitter, and Youtube pages have not seen any activity for several years. We have stopped receiving invoices from Rigidas since September.  I've raised a ticket and will update this thread if/when I get a response.

Slightly off-topic... One frustrating thing about the Linnworks app store is the lack of proper engagement in reviewing apps by merchants. The app store consequently feels like a minefield.  Does anyone have any faith in the reviews there? It would be great if LW would provide a list of approved partners, consultants and plugins, together with genuine feedback that LW (or an independent reviews service) can moderate. The current offering is pretty useless.

Hi Harry,

As an update - we are trying to roll out the Linnworks Mobile on our system.  Not sure if you were intending to look at pickwaves as you had only mentioned the stockwise equivalent.

We are having issues at the moment with installing the software onto our new hand held devices - Linnworks are looking to fix this.  In terms of pickwaves, a pickwave can only be generated from 'Open Orders New', yet if you want to process using Despatch Console you can only use 'Open Orders Old'.  Fairly frustrating to have to run the two alongside each other but individually clicking orders to process them in the New Open Orders screen is an absolute no for us in terms of efficiency so it is the way it is going to have to be.  Support have confirmed that they will not be adapting Despatch Console for the new version of open orders.

Hello Users

Apologies in advance for being added my self in this conversation, in terms of Inventory Management and Linnworks Pickwave functionality we have added both in our Application Hyperstock also we do have customized pick solution which is similar to picwave but with more customized function and can be tailored and developed more as per the user suggestions. We here at Hyperstock - Rishvi Ltd thrive to provide better solution and support all the time to Linnworks users. Feel free to contact us on


Update on Rigidas: -

They are still collecting subscription payments but are providing no customer support and we haven't heard from them since my first post on this thread. My support ticket with them is still "being processed" after 3 months. I assume they have failed and am cancelling our subscription. Linnworks Mobile, here we come...

We've been Rigidas customers since Chris and the team launched. To echo everyone else here service levels have dramatically dropped since the company was sold. October last year Rigidas stopped taking payments through Linnworks and wanted us to set up a direct subscription through Paypal which we were fine with, we've not had a proper invoice from them since. I've repeatedly called the contact I have who has responded in the past and have been met with silence, even when advising we're cancelling the Paypal payment and leaving. Both Epicklist or Stockwise apps are generally fantastic but sadly with zero support and no proper line of communication with the company we simply can't recommend either. I've now cancelled the subscription so looks like I have lots of testing to do with Linnworks mobile!

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