Editing of parked orders or locked Orders.

  • I believe we need the ability to override and make edits to these orders.
  • with a warning!
  • Order was locked for multiple reasons. One of them being that there are updates required.
  • So we need to unlock order exposing it to the que.
  • We need a safe way to edit teh order whilst still locked

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+1 from me, something we are asked about often. 

Charlie McBroom - Founder of Fitted Commerce, ex. Linnworks Product Manager

Fitted Commerce - Ecommerce Agency and Linnworks Specialists

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this would be very helpful. i also noticed if you lock an order it releases the quantity of the sku back into channels, not sure if it does the same to parked orders


  • Definitely need this - an order is parked when it has a problem, so needs to be able to be edited before it is released.


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