When printing a Royal Mail shipping label you may receive an error 'Pack 1XXXXXX-0 error: Service CRL: Royal Mail 24 Parcel does not allow you to ship to GB'. Name of the Shipping service as well as the ISO code of the country may vary. This will be returned in the following scenarios:

- A certain Domestic Service does not allow you to ship to the United Kingdom (GB)

- A certain International Service does not allow you to ship to the international country

- A Domestic service does not allow you to ship an international order

Solution 1:

Check if the order Address contains the word 'BFPO', which usually gets added to the order Postcode or one of the address lines.

If Postcode indeed starts with BFPO, you will need to use BF1 or BF2 services instead of the one specified now, as the parcel is going to British Forces Post Office (BFPO), for which only specific services can be used.

BF1 service code - Service name: HM Forces
BF2 service code - Service name: HM Forces Signed For

While BF1 and BF2 will be available on all Royal Mail accounts, there are also some additional services that may be used - BF7, BF8, BF9

BF services can be added via Shipping > Integrations > Royal Mail OBA > Services > Add:

Alternatively, you may also use Royal Mail Tracked 24/48 services to send to BFPO addresses, however, all other services will result in an error.

Above applies for both BFPO orders going to the United Kingdom and to an International BFPO order.

Solution 2:

If an international label cannot be printed with the selected service, it may indicate that the service does not ship to the destination country. You may need to check with Royal Mail if the service in question supports shipping to the International country. If it does not, you will need to choose a different International Service.

If you are unsure whether the service supports the Destination country, you may also contact Linnworks support to clarify this.

Solution 3:

If the error message indicates that a domestic service (such as CRL, STL, etc) does not allow you to ship to an international country, it will mean that an international service will need to be assigned to the order.