Channel and Product Margins Scripts Now Available

Hey everyone! We've created a couple of new scripts that you might be interested in to get a better understanding of your Margins (not Markup).

These are scripts that you can add to the Query Data tab and we believe will give you a better grip on the performance of your e-commerce business.

The first script gives you a breakdown of your all-important Margins for each Channel/Subsource by Date range We also include 2 scripts in the package - on using the date the order is processed on, and the other using the date the order was placed (only Processed Orders are included in the calculation).

This script with full installation instructions is available to order here:

The second script allows you to dive deeper by selecting the Channel/Subsource (as well as the date range) and shows your Margins by individual Products. Again, 2 versions of the script are included here based on the placed or processed date of the orders.

More information on this script with full installation instructions is available here:

Please note: Currency conversion is done automatically based on the exchange rates you set in your Linnworks settings.

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