Allow further control over the data sent over, and from channels.

Issue 1. As many of you might be aware, Amazon has currently a system by the name of Valid Tracking Rate (VTR). The system specifically takes measure of the orders to which a valid tracking was provided. It does so, by collecting the tracking ID's, and service names from linnworks, for each individual order and marking their validity against their pre-established list.

The issue arrives with the fact that the amazon has a very strict requirement as to what shipping services, or specifically the names are permitted.

Those cannot be mapped in any way, meaning that we are forced to use the service names provided by Amazon, internally. Something we aren't particularly happy about.

Issue 2. In our workflow we check notes for each order, before processing them. As to ensure quality service. In many cases we receive orders marked as B2B. Those orders are marked in linnworks with the use of notes and identifiers. The identifiers are not an issue. However, the notes are, as we now we have to check each individual B2B order and ensure it doesn't also contain a message from customers.

As a feature request to solve this problem, and potentially give us more control over the system, I'd like to request a channel specific feature of mapping the data that is both received from, and sent to the various channels. Including compatibility with the already integrated into linnworks expressions.

This would allow us to resolve both of the above issues, and potentially anything else of this nature that might come in the future.

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