Ship By Amazon - Does It Slow You Down?

Hello anyone reading this :)

We are constantly getting warning from Amazon for being under their 95% VTR even though we do not send tracked mail.

Out VTR is typically around the 85% mark based on 2D Barcode delivery scans.

Amazon have told us to use their shipping via Linnworks and then this will give us a 100% rate.  Checked it out with Royal Mail and they said it would still be billed via our account and would be easy to integrate.

So far so good .... my question is this:

Does the printing of labels slow down because Linnworks has to go via Amazon to RM to get the label?

We print 1000+ orders a day and even a 2-3 second delay would mean a significant reduction in productivity.

Hopefully someone out there is using Amazon Shipping and can share their experience?

Many thanks in advance.

Paul Donnelly

Charming Beads.

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