Failing File Import Notification

We use the import file feature to adjust our stock as we move it into Amazon. Occasionally, an error in the file will cause it to fail - this is usually a duplicate SKU in the file and this SKU doesn't adjust.

When the file fails, we are not notified in any way. As far as I can see, the only notification about the failue is in the uploads screen so this means checking after every file, which is painful as it takes ages to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of our uploads, it's really painfully slow and it's something we do several times a day.

As these errors are rare, I usually notice them some days after when uploading a new file, by this point, for some unexplained reason, LW will no longer allow you to dowload the file to check what has failed.

Linnworks needs a system where we can request for an email to be sent if a file fails.

When files fail and go unnoticed, this can cause us to oversell so it really does cause problems.

It would seem a very simple solution to have an automatic email sent when a file fails, alerting the user to fix the issue before it causes problems. In fact, I'm surprised that this feature doesn't already exist.

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