New Etsy API problem

The Linnworks Etsy integration is incorrectly applying the total_tax_cost value in the XML incorrectly as the Tax Rate of my orders. So I have an international order invoice showing a tax rate of 461% for example. All my orders are affected.

Etsy support gave me the brush off Saying the the problem is with the Etsy XML and to contact Etsy. Seriously? Thanks a bunch. Shocking support.

The XML shows that this value is indeed the Total Tax cost and not the Tax rate, but in Linnworks it is attibuted as a percentage tax rate. Big problem.

I recommend users check their Etsy invoices until Linnworks acknowledges their error. You will have to correct the tax rate for each Etsy order manually until they do. 


Has this been sorted as I was just about to upgrade our API connection, but this could cause us some serious issues.

Many thanks,


Hi Jamie, Yes it seems to have been resolved in my orders. The total tax cost is correctly applied now. It was a Linnworks issue as suspected. No-one has bothered to let me know that my ticket has been resolved however so it is not official yet.



Cheers Andrew, I will keep everything crossed as I apply it :)

Many thanks,


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