Processed order page total

I'm used to desktop.

I found the total value in processed orders handy.

I could quickly see how much £ the items that I'd matched on the page.

Handy to see the value of all items PROCESSED that day.

or value of sales on a certain item over a certain period.

.net does not tot up the results total.

I tried using the financials part of the app but that only looks at when the order was received, not when it was processed, so is no work around.

Image attached showing the defficiency.

There is no other way to spin this other than as a way that /net is works than desktop. I was told I could pay for something to be made as a custom query. Backward IMO - a feature deficiency and I'm asked to pay to get .net back up to the same feature set as already existed on Desktop?

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Do any of these get resolved? 

Can someone point me to a feature request that was taken onboard and resolved?

All of my tickets get moved to answered status when the solution was either a bodge work around or not possible. What are the developers doing today? Isnt this feature request like a 30 minute job for a developer that built the system?

What are all the developers doing? I dont see any changes on the platform. I'm asking for things that existed in Desktop to be made available in .net. 

The support system does help sometimes - good help on the phones when you are learning about something you've not done before for example - but other times when there is a linnworks deficiency it seems to work just as a passifier / fob off mechanism. 

What is going on with Linnworks? 

Adding to this - another example - the orders page has been in beta for about 3 years now. 

BETA for 3 years.

Now the order view page is beta... and the lay out is totally messed up. Loads of dead space pushing critical details (the address) out of frame.

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