Please Do Not Disable Linnworks Desktop Data in September 2021


With a high inventory sku count, we rely on the Purchase Order creation functions of the Linnworks Desktop Program.  In my opinion, it's still much more  functional and tailored to creating POs, as compared to the barebones and odd way of creating POs from a list of thousands of skus in My Inventory on

If we are not seeing the proper way of creating POs in .net, please show me the way.  Without that, it is very unintuitive and labor-intensive to create POs with hundreds of line items from .net, while it is very simple to do in Desktop.

Please keep the data and functionality going in Desktop, as .net PO is still in need of more development.  Although this is being forced on existing customers, I highly doubt that new customers will enjoy the process of creating POs in .net in its current state.

Thank you. 

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