Please Do Not Disable Linnworks Desktop Data in September 2021


With a high inventory sku count, we rely on the Purchase Order creation functions of the Linnworks Desktop Program.  In my opinion, it's still much more  functional and tailored to creating POs, as compared to the barebones and odd way of creating POs from a list of thousands of skus in My Inventory on

If we are not seeing the proper way of creating POs in .net, please show me the way.  Without that, it is very unintuitive and labor-intensive to create POs with hundreds of line items from .net, while it is very simple to do in Desktop.

Please keep the data and functionality going in Desktop, as .net PO is still in need of more development.  Although this is being forced on existing customers, I highly doubt that new customers will enjoy the process of creating POs in .net in its current state.

Thank you. 

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Just figured out today that I lost the ability to create a POs from the old Reorder Low Stock screen on Linnworks Desktop. Spent the better part of my day trying to see how it is supposed to work on There is no simple way to see orders by a vendor like the old Reorder Low Stock screen. 

I would love for Linnworks to give us back the Reorder Low Stock screen for creating POs.


We feel like Linnworks has really left us in the lurch with this lack of instruction and/or functionality in .net to replace the "Reorder Low Stock" function in desktop.  I'm pretty disappointed, but it seems that we will need more voices on this thread or others for any help to materialize.  I'll be looking for a solution with tech support.  If no similar functionality is attainable, we'll be forced to check out the software options from other companies.

I created a "My Inventory" view that with a column for the Default Supplier, SKU, Stock Level, In Open Order, Available, Minimum Level, and Due. I then created 3 filters with conditions. 

Default Supplier ->Equals->Can be anything. I think you have to pick something initially but it can be changed easily to any supplier or removed to show all suppliers when viewing the tab in my inventory screen. You don't have to edit the view to change the supplier. You click on the funnel next to the column name.

Available -> is -> Approaching Minimum Level. There are 3 other options to pick from. This one was tricky for me to find information about since there is a misprint in the online documentation since it says to use "Equals" as the condition. Make sure to use "Is" for the condition. It will still look like a text field, you will have to double-click on the field to see the available options. The down arrow that signifies preset options are available is missing(at least on my screen it is).

Due -> Equals -> 0 That way you don't see items you already have ordered.

Once you create the view, it will be available every time you view your inventory as a tab. You have to highlight each product that you want to create a PO for and then click "Re-Stock -> To Minimum Stock Level or Smart Calculate -> then the supplier.

It then takes you to another screen where you can adjust the quantity prior to actually creating the PO. I personally don't understand the need for this screen. I feel it should take you right to the PO screen since you can adjust the quantity on that screen too. 

It definitely takes more steps to create a PO from low stock than the old way. It seems like a lot of wasted steps compared to the old desktop "Reorder Low Stock" screen ;(.

I hope this helps you out!


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