IOSS Legal Requirements


We understand that it's a legal requirement to include VAT on the invoices to EU customers where IOSS has been used. However, for orders above 150 EUR where IOSS can't be used, we need to have invoices showing 0% VAT. 

Is there a way this can be done: 

1. Set VAT rates in Linnworks for each EU country 

2. Have a rule/macro to always make an orders tax amount = 0 when the total order value excluding VAT is above 150 EUR / 135 GBP? 

Or any other idea of how to make this work? Maybe easier to set "Tax" to 0 for all orders that have an IOSS number as an order extended property? 

We could ask for a macro to be developed for us, but as this is a legal requirement we thought it would be in Linnworks interest to have it developed for everyone. 

Best regards, 


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