Price Increase

What are everyones thoughts on the price increase? What alternatives are people looking at?

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Hello Glenn,

What price increases are you referring to?  I see that Linnworks no longer lists pricing on their website, which was always a turn-off for me.

I've just been sent a proposal for our new prices which is now changing to order based rather than user base. We are going to be charged £0.06 per order if we sign up for three years. 

This is a crazy price increase and Linnworks tried to do this a couple of years ago and got a massive backlash from their existing customers. 

Here's what Linnworks promised in 2019.  This information should be available and not hidden.  You be the judge of whether they are staying true to their words:

User-based or order-based. It’s your choice.

As an existing Linnworks customer, you now have the choice to remain on your current ‘user-based’ plan, or move to one of the new ‘order-based’ plans.

1) Stay on your current plan – If you choose to stay on your current ‘user-based’ plan then nothing changes for you, the monthly or annual price and all your product features will be the same. You also have our guarantee that we will maintain your price at the same level for the next two years, with any rise in the third year no greater than 20%.

2) Move to a new ‘order-based’ plan – If you wish to move to one of our new ‘order-based’ plans (see here), then log in to your Linnworks account and select one of the new plans in the subscription page.

We've now been hit with this and had a salesperson who is trying to be your friend before hitting you with a massive price hike. Its 2022; people can easily spot this tatic from a mile away

No comments to how the CEO has broken his promise and simply take the offer or leave. so we're leaving. Its a sad day really. Since 2014 we have used linnworks. shame they do not care about the customers who have helped build them. I hope what goes around comes around. No matter what prices they charge in the future we are done with linnworks after this

Same issue.

Promises broken and a 1000% price increase for us.

Clever to roll this out as people try to renew to save all the backlash in one go. Just having a few at a time and then with no big outcry it goes unnoticed.

Yes, we find ourselves in the same situation this month with a call lined up to discuss the options of our subscription. We moved from Volo to Linnworks as they tried the same tactic hence the dire state they are in now. It's not great business ethics not to disclose any pricing prior to going into a negotiation.

I've decided to try to keep on using Linnworks until we cannot afford it, while keeping our eyes and options open.  Linnworks could have handled this in a way that would have retained many loyal and longtime customers - it's a pity, but life goes on. :)

I suggest that you join the Linnworks Users Facebook group.  The price increase has been discussed there a few times.  I hope that you can get some help from Linnworks employees there or ideas about the direction you want to take from other current and former users.  Lot's of helpful people and information there.

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