View Open Orders By Supplier!



How do we create a View for Open Orders By Supplier?

If it is not possible, please make it possible ASAP, thanks.


The way that i've done this by in the inventory SKU, unders extended properties, I've added, a 'suppliername' and use used the value as the supplier name. 

Then in your General Settings, Order setting, Folder, Folder Manager, Add a folder for your suppliers. 

Then in the orders, Rule Engine Create a ruling to assign to folder for based on the extended property supplier name. 

Once you've done that, in your open orders, you will need to create a new order view and edit it so that the Folder is *supplier* and this should show only orders for the that supplier. You will new a few different order views depending on how many suppliers you have. 

I hope this makes sense and works for you like it does us. 

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