Amazon's new required attributes for clothing - apparel size etc.

I have been updating some of my Amazon listings recently and have come across some issues relating to the new required attributes for clothing listings. 

My listing updates are all failing because some of these values are not being accepted by Amazon, even though the values I have entered match exactly the values shown as valid values in Amazon. The main attribute throwing errors is 'apparel size'.

The problem seems to come from the required values offered by Linnworks, which do not match the Amazon valid values - eg. instead of 'XL' the valid value is 'x_l'. I presume that these values were provided by Amazon to Linnworks for the purposes of the upload files, however, I have also tried to use these and received the same error. Also, the Linnworks valid values do not contain all the sizes that I require - 3XL is not an option in the dropdown list, XXL seems to be the largest alpha size available! Whereas on Amazon 3XL and larger sizes are available to choose from. 

I have found the Linnworks valid values for this attribute very confusing, why aren't they just the same as Amazon's which are simple alpha sizes?

The Apparel Size System attribute is even stranger! In Linnworks the valid values are 'as1'-'as8', in Amazon the valid values are US, EU, UK, etc. I could not find any information on here or Amazon relating to which one related to which! LW support has since informed me that as8 = UK which is helpful, but it would be even more helpful if the values shown on Linnworks were US, EU, UK, etc. rather than these indecipherable codes without a key!

Anyway, these updates are making it very hard to update existing listings! Has anyone else had these issues and if so how did you overcome the errors?

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Yes ive been having the exact same problems with my listings. Ive tried to create new listings on amazon but am also receiving errors saying that the values are not valid even though I am listing it exactly how linnworks has suggested to do so. Ive opened a ticket for this problem but linnworks technical support arent much help. If someone can help with this it would be a real help as I am no longer able to list new clothing items on amazon!

You can check this

You can, however, they haven't made it straight forward have they!? The valid values in LW should equal the very simple valid values in Amazon, if they need to code in these as8 values then that is what they should do, but they shouldn't be the choices in the configurator without any explanation. 

Just think about how many users will have to ask LW what the as8 values mean! The file you have sent a screenshot of is not exactly readily available to most users. Answering these questions will probably take considerably longer than coding them to appear as they do in Amazon!

Hi Dan, 

did you ever find out the value which needed to be added to the Amazon t-shirt configurator for Apparel Size ?

Your help would be greatly appreciated - as we have to take to listing our items manually on Amazon, as we can not find a solution to this problem.

Best Regards 


Hi Mike,

The listings need to have the values from Linnworks apparently, although I still don't have a listing that has successfully updated so I am just replaying my most recent answers from LW support!

So -

Small = s

Medium = m

 X-Large = x_l

3X-Large = 3x_l 

We're facing the same issues. Has anyone had any movement on this? I've been working with LW support for 2 weeks now and no successful listings. 

We are also in the same boat. Has anybody had any luck with this?

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