Open orders (New) Increase the limit of visible pictures from 2 to 20, with possibility of additional grid view.

Currently, the Open Orders view permits up to 8 pictures of items to be visible on the screen, for the order at the same time.

However, the open orders (New) Permits only 2. We find that extremely limiting.

I understand having a high amount of pictures would lead to potentially a messy preview screen. However, please allow us to view up to 20/20+ at the same time, as it would help improve our workflow.

Potentially, as to limit view issues, perhaps consider adding a grid view, with the items displaying side by side and in rows depending on their number. With the number of picture columns being based on the current width of the items column.

Thank you.

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Adding my support to this. Not having it has lead to mistakes.

I would like to be able to set how many product lines I see. I dont think it would be too messy.

Image showing the current .net system vs the desktop - desktop supported more than one line.

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