"Packaging Types" should have stock control like a SKU but linked to orders

Packaging and boxes are the same as any other inventory item that needs purchase ordering and stock control etc.  However, Linnworks doesn't handle stock in anyway that's linked to packaging type? 

We can get around this by creating a inventory SKU for "sample box" for example.  However, we must add that packaging product to an order manually which is not ideal in any way, given how many different types there are. Especially when packaging types are handling this anyway?  Also, if a order is for 2 samples that needs shipping in 2 boxes then it should deduct the stock of packaging by 2.  Doing this manually would likely only assist with deducting 1 box as the user doesn't know at the time of order how many boxes it will ship with, and thus causing inaccuracies.

So, ordering packaging is all very manual as a result and outside the inventory and missing off stock values for accounting purposes, etc. 

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