Split Packaging for B2B order import

Since UK has now left the EU we need to book wholesale B2B shipments through Linnworks.  We need to submit HS code and country of origin data, all of which is saved as extended properties at SKU level in Linnworks.  

For these wholesale orders there can sometimes be 50 or more SKUs on an order, across multiple boxes sometimes 10 or more boxes, and Linnworks split packaging functionality is not suitable for this.

Ideally it would be good on an order import CSV to have the box number for each SKU and then as the order is imported, the packaging is split based upon the box number in the import file at SKU level.

Also sometimes the same SKU might be in multiple boxes so the import functionality would need the capability to have the same SKU but on multiple rows on the import if these are going into different boxes in the same order.

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